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Karamu House offers a variety of arts education programming in facilitated and on-demand virtual course offerings. Course offerings include voice, drama, dance, and more. Additionally, Karamu offers online corporate training programs for diversity, racial and equity inclusion programming.. 

For decades, Karamu House has created long-lasted partnerships with local school districts from around the Northeast Ohio area to enhance the schools’ arts programming—through field trips to workshops to customized arts education programs.

Karamu House also partners with other arts schools – including private dance academies and schools of music – to create unique partnerships that enhance Karamu’s mission to […]provide arts education, and present programs for all people while honoring the African American experience.

Karamu Arts Academy

Karamu house has been serving the community for over 100 years! Today, karamu’s mission is to produce professional theatre, provide arts education, and present programs for all people while honoring the african american experience.

Hosted on Tuesdays and Thursday schools and organizations receive a tour and workshop on the history of Karamu.

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Regardless of age, we welcome you to join us for arts education classes that are available for students (Pre-K to 12th grade) to lifelong learners. From dancing to acting to singing to filmmaking to costume design, Karamu Arts Academy has something for everyone.


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