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Karamu House plays host to a variety of community programs throughout the year that are designed to engage all members of the community while providing arts experiences that honor African American culture. 

Karamu’s “In the Tradition” community program series features free and culturally-specific offerings that speak directly to the African American experience, including Kwanzaa, MLK Day, Black History Month, and Juneteenth, among others. Karamu continues to prioritize these holidays and celebrations because it recognizes that history and legacy are important parts of current identity. The “In the Tradition” series is designed to engage people from different races, religions, and economic backgrounds through the arts—and to expand current levels of cultural awareness and understanding.” 

Throughout the year, Karamu House also hosts “For the Culture” Fridays on select Friday evenings each month. These free community programs occur each month to honor the African American experience and its unique culture and include line dancing lessons, poetry workshops, African dance, musical concerts, and more.  

Karamu also hosts its recognized “Karamu Comedy Show,” featuring local and regional comedians of color for an adults-only show full of laughs and fun. The shows typically occur every other month throughout the year. 

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