draws inspiration from previous works performed at Karamu. These scripts, playwrights, actors and artists guide the focus of the culminating event. The fall concludes with a performance honoring historical works through various art disciplines.


 devises a script for a culminating performance. A select group of young artists are selected to work additional hours as playwrights constructing an original piece inspired by the work in our classes. This production will include all art disciplines working as one.

is a summer arts intensive. All artists will work deeply with all art disciplines and conclude with a production for their family and community.


  1.  DRAMA AND MOVEMENT (K-3) Introduces artists to the fundamentals of theatre, vocal expression, physical transformation, spatial awareness, embodiment of characters and fun! This is a fun, low risk class to prepare little artists for further training in theatre and movement.
  1.  DRAMA FUNDAMENTALS (GRADES 3-6) Young Artists will be trained in vocal projection, articulation and expression. Excerpts from a specific work will be used for training and performing. Introduction to improv rules and games, physical control and professional theatre standards.
  1.  DRAMA (GRADES 6-12) All Levels Welcomed. Training in vocal projection, articulation and expression in addition to exploring characters in depth with physical transformation. Prepares artists for auditioning and professional theatre.
  1.  THEATRE COMPANY (6-12*) AUDITION and INVITATION ONLY. Artists who have displayed an advanced understanding, implementation and dedication to theatre and/or dance will be welcomed to join Karamu Arts Theatre Company. Artists will receive professional training in dance and theatre in preparation for scripted and devised productions on Karamu House historical stages and throughout the community.*
  1.  ADULT DRAMA (18+) All Levels Welcomed! Gain professional training in theatre technique, etiquette and preparation for auditions. All adults will work deeply with monologues and scenes to build vocal techniques, character development skills and script analysis.


  1.  BALLET & TAP (3-5 y/o) Our little artists will build on tap and ballet positions learning music awareness, spatial awareness and they will be guided with introductory ballet and tap techniques.
  2.  BALLET & TAP (6-10 y/o) Young artists will explore rhythm, techniques and combinations built on tap and ballet positions and movements.
  3.  DANCE FUNDAMENTALS (GRADES 3-6) Young artists will learn the structure and discipline of a dance class setting while improving listening skills, coordination, balance, flexibility, strength and spatial awareness. Training in the development of basic ballet techniques received.
  4.  BALLET (GRADES 6-12) All Dance Levels Welcomed! Build upon basic ballet techniques, emphasizing terminology, proper body alignment and following the professional standards of ballet training.
  5.  HIP HOP (GRADES 6-12) All Dance Levels Welcomed! Artists will learn classic techniques and the latest styles in breaking, popping and locking.
  1. ADULT DANCE (18+) All Dance Levels Welcomed! Build basic techniques and correct body alignment while exploring movement and rhythm. Techniques in ballet, yoga and modern dance are infused to give a physically enlightening experience.
  1.  ADULT TAP (18+) All Dance Levels Welcomed! Explore rhythm, style and sound with proper tap technique and joy!
  1.  ADULT HIP HOP (18+) All Dance Levels Welcomed! The latest styles of breaking, popping and locking are infused in a high energy class. All artists will be encouraged in a safe, challenging and fun space! 
  1.  ADULT ZUMBA AND NUTRITION (18+) Dance into fitness and take home nutritional education to enhance your families wellness.



  1.  VOCAL ENSEMBLE (GRADES 6-12) No previous vocal/music training required. Artists will learn music theory along with proper breathing and vocal techniques. Artists will work to gain confidence and vocal skills while singing as an ensemble.
  1.  KARAMU CHOIR (ALL AGES) Previous vocal/music training required. A choir of family, ages 5-199 are brought together to learn proper breathing and vocal techniques. Choral work strengthening harmonies, building confidence in vocal parts, and connecting families with community through music.


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