Written by August Wilson | Directed by Tony F. Sias

September 27 – October 21, 2019 | Jelliffe Theatre


August Wilson’s Pulitzer and Tony Award-winning masterpiece will swing onto the Marian Theatre stage.
A gripping family drama about Troy Maxson, a former star of the Negro baseball leagues
who now works as a garbage man in 1957 Pittsburgh. As a black man excluded from the major leagues during his prime,
Troy’s inner conflicts take their toll on his relationships with his wife and his children as they look for their own chances to fulfill their dreams.




Written by Douglas Turner Ward | Directed by Nathan A. Lilly

October 25 – November 18, 2018 | Arena Theatre


A Reimagined Classic. A one-act satire about an imaginary Southern town where all the black people have suddenly disappeared.
The only ones left are sick and lying in hospital beds, refusing to get well.
The Mayor sends a national plea for the blacks, “wherever they are,” to come back.
In the end the blacks begin to reappear, as mysteriously as they had vanished,
and the white community, sobered by what has transpired,
breathes a sigh of relief at the return of the rather uneasy status quo. Social Justice Series.




Written by Langston Hughes | Directed by Reggie Kelley

November 29 – December 30, 2018 | Jelliffe Theatre


A Karamu Classic. Langston Hughes’ famed retelling of The Nativity Story with an
entirely African-American cast, performed in a gospel style, and including popular Christmas carols.
The birth of Jesus plays prominently in the play’s production.