Through touring shows, in-house performances, residencies and workshops, the Karamu House Theatre Outreach Performance Series (TOPS) program has enhanced the creative lives of thousands of young people. In keeping with the mission of Karamu House, TOPS program seeks to preserve and celebrate the rich culture and history of African Americans while encouraging tolerance and multiculturalism in a rapidly changing society. The TOPS program achieves these goals by offering educational plays and workshops to both children and adults throughout Northeast Ohio and has established itself as an important resource to students and teachers.

~Gail Powell Interim Director of Cultural Arts Education and Outreach

Word Power

SPEAK! A Tribute to African-American Writers

This stylized ‘choreopoem’ celebrates the words of artists such as Langston Hughes, Maya Angelo, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Tupak Shakur. A dramatic presentation of some of our nations most provocative and stirring pieces, SPEAK! highlights the creative writing process and how our deepest sorrows, joys, and fears can be expressed through the written word. Through our words we celebrate African-American contributions to history and reveal to America that all dreams should have the opportunity to take flight.

These presentations can be coupled with a creative writing workshop focusing on different techniques explored by the highlighted authors.

Story Telling

Here, There, & Everywhere: Folktales of the World

Book a storyteller to perform at your school or organization through our exciting program Here, There & Everywhere: Folktales of the World. Storytelling based on traditional folktales is a gentle way to guide young people toward constructive personal values by presenting imaginative situations in which the outcome of both wise and unwise actions and decisions can be seen.
Drum and Dance
African Rhythms

We offer a heart pounding, soul stirring arrangement of West African drum and dance. Students will be captivated as the MU Drummers and Dancers transform the performance space with the sights and sounds of Africa. These incredible performers engage students in a cross-cultural exchange that only African drumming and dance can.

Hands on drumming  workshops are also available.