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Three Career Women 'Of a Certain Age' Explore Their Libidos in 'Sassy Mamas' at Karamu House
White or black, this play is funny all over. The pre- and post-menopausal gals fight off hot flashes as they flash their bodies and urges, throwing aside prim upbringings as they live the lives they love. And what they love is a man who walks softly and carries a, well, you know.
Karamu's Second Act With CEO Tony Sias
It wasn't long ago that the final curtain almost came down on Karamu House, the nation's oldest black theater, due to mounting debt, aging infrastructure and administrative challenges.
Karamu House reimagines holiday favorite ‘Black Nativity’
CLEVELAND, Ohio — Nothing brightens up the Christmas season like the gospel sounds of “Black Nativity” onstage at the Karamu House.
‘Rasheeda Speaking’ takes a critical look at workplace polarization
CLEVELAND, Ohio — “Rasheeda Speaking,” onstage at Karamu Theatre, is complicated, eye-opening and provocative. We all know that workplace drama can be emotionally draining. But when covert racism is in the mix, tensions tend to escalate a bit.
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